Metabolic testing is a process that allows you to discover what is the maximum amount of calories you can consume in a day and still lose weight. This easy test measures your RESTING METABOLIC RATE or RMR. Your RMR is the number of calories you would burn doing nothing but resting all day. The majority of all calories burned (about 70 to 80%) are burned at the resting level.

Through metabolic testing you have taken the first step towards making your metabolism work for you. Understanding your body’s metabolism will give you the tools to lose fat while retaining muscle and to know exactly how many calories you need to eat to lose weight or maintain weight. In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume.

A metabolic assessment measures several things:

  • The amount of calories your body needs to function, including everything from regulating your body’s hormones to thinking thoughts.
  • The amount of calories you need to consume each day to achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s weight loss goal or greater athletic performance

V02 testing is a process commonly used with elite athletes to determine their optimal training zones for fat metabolism and cardiovascular training.

  • The point (known as your aerobic base heart rate) at which your body still uses fat as its dominant fuel
  • The highest sustainable intensity of exercise, known as your threshold, that your body can sustain and still burn fat efficiently
  • The rate at which your body absorbs oxygen, which your body requires to burn fat.