10 Important Facts about Foods & Supplements

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In an effort to bring some outside information to my patients regarding the safety of many of our foods and nutraceuticals, I have copied a posting from the World Health News Website. It was written by Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger”, who serves as a supervisor for a USDA-certified organic food facility. Much of what […]

Green Cleaners

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Cutting down on harsh store-bought products is beneficial to your family’s health. Here’s one recipe for an all-purpose cleaner scrub: – 2 cups hot water – 2 tsp borax (a natural mineral) –– 2 tsp white vinegar – 5-6 drops essential oil. Mix together in a spray bottle and use for most household jobs. For […]

Higher Omega 3 Predicts Lower Mortality

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BOSTON —The observational, prospective Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) >2500 older adults initially without coronary heart disease or a history of stroke showed that the highest levels of plasma phospholipid omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) predicted the lowest mortality rates. Comparing the highest quintile of omega-3 PUFA levels vs the lowest quintile, all-cause mortality fell by […]


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